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In the case of fungus or onycholysis of the nails we recommend full complex treatment with the Clearance Active Nail Solution products. For the best results together with the treatment simply daily rules and principles should be applied as well.

Daily rules and principles:
- Footwear must be ventilated and the same pair of shoes must not be worn daily. It is necessary to change shoes every 2-3 days to ventilate the previously worn pair.
- Wear only cotton socks.
- Old slippers and old socks must be thrown away.
- At work, if possible, it is recommended to wear open shoes.

Clearance Treatment:
- Clearance Treatment Soap must be used to wash your feet and hands with 2 washes (same when we wash our hair). Massage the damaged nails for at least 30 seconds during each wash. Rinse them off and repeatedly wash damaged nails and skin again.
- Apply Clearance Active Nail Solution at least 2 times a day. Initially solution will restore the integrity of the skin and after that new nail will start growing. Remember that it takes 9 months for a toenail to grow. Be patient. If you see the slightest improvement, you're on the right track.
- Clearance Deodorising Foot Spray must be used daily.

Clearance Active Nail Solution does not cure psoriasis, but there are cases of improvement while using Clearance products. Using the product to treat psoriasis is your personal decision and test.

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